Задание № 1.

Проверьте себя на знание биографии и творчества Джека Лондона. Из приведённых ниже утверждений выберите только верные:

1). Jack London was born in New York.

2) His real name was Jack Griffit.

3). His father was a lawyer.

4). At school Jack was fond of drawing.

5). Jack sold newspapers, worked at a factory after school.

6). Jack was an oyster pirate.

7). At the age of 14 Jack went to Japan as a sailor.

8). About the age of 19 Jack London attended Oakland High School for a short time.

9). Jack London graduated from the University of California.

10). In 1897 London went to the Klondike and found a lot of gold there.

11). Jack London`s first book was "The Road".

12). The main character of  the book "The Call of the Wild" is a dog named Spitz.

13). During the sixteen years of his literary career Jack London published about 100 books.

14). Jack London died at the age of fifty.