Peter the Great in Europe: A collective journey to the places of the Russian Emperor visiting stay

In 2022, the 350th birth anniversary of the last tsar of All Russia (since 1682) and the first Emperor of All Russia, Peter I Alekseevich, named the Great, a representative of the Romanov dynasty, is celebrated.

The information virtual project of the International Library Center of the Pskov Regional Scientific Library «Peter the Great in Europe: A collective journey to the places of the Russian Emperor visiting stay» is timed to this date.

The virtual project is aimed to introduce sights, monuments, commemorative signs, memorial houses-museums dedicated to Peter the Great stay in Europe. The materials will be presented divided by countries: England, Belarus, Belgium, Latvia, Netherlands, Ukraine, France, Czech Republic, Estonia. Where it is possible, we will introduce you to monographs written in the country of visiting stay and dedicated to the Russian Emperor.

From the early years showing an interest in sciences and a foreign lifestyle, Peter was the first of the Russian tsars to make a long trip to the countries of Western Europe. His first long trip to Europe took place in 1697-1698 as part of the so-called «The Grand Embassy». In the diplomatic mission, Peter the Great visited a number of cities in Livonia, Kurland, Prussia, Saxony, Holland, England, Austria. Having come back, Peter launched large-scale reforms of the Russian state and its social order.

In 1711-1713 Peter visited a number of cities in Northern Germany and Denmark during the military campaign of the Great Northern War. «The victories of Russian weapons» in the Baltic region in the Northern War allowed Russia to significantly expand its territory, which became one of Peter's merits and allowed him to take the title of Russian Emperor in 1721.

The second «European tour» took place in 1716-1717, when Peter visited the cities of Danzig, Hamburg, Pyrmont, Mecklenburg, Rostock, Copenhagen, Bremen, Amersfoort, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Saardam, The Hague, Leiden, Rotterdam, Paris.

During his travels abroad, Peter met with European scientists, examined private collections and galleries, natural science classrooms, inviting various specialists to come to work in Russia. Peter personally and through his confidants established contacts with book publishers in Holland and Germany, organized the purchase of collections for the Pharmacy Order, and later for the Kunstkamera, studied anatomy and other sciences. On the instructions of Peter, the participants of the Grand Embassy visited other cities and countries, where they also met with scientists, publishers, visited private museums and inspected their collections. You can read more about it here.

Besides, the following sources will also reveal the details of Peter Alekseevich Romanov European travels to you: