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Kamenev, Igor.
Russia : Painting and Graphic Arts / Kamenev Igor. -
Москва : Aris Publishing House, 1993. - 126 p. - 11250-00.
ИНО 26279F

INTO Ltd. Is glad to present the first personal art album of works by Igor Kamenev. The idea of doing it came during his highly successful exhibition at the Central House of Artists in Moscow in autumn 1992.

However fine a creation may be, it is always beneath its creator, because it is always beneath its creator, because it is only a part of him. Due to the exhibition such parts became united into a single whole. And, in my opinion, it was a complex union in which each work had its own dimension whether it was an oil painting or a water color, drawing or something else. These dimensions form the space of the artist. So, the present album provides an excellent opportunity to delve into the space of Igor Kamenev’s, to appreciate its true value, his talent, his civic position the elevated technique and original subjects of his works.

Igor Kamenev is one of the few artists capable of making us feel the horror of our capacity for destruction. His works deal with the universal themes of life and death, and redemption. In each picture a single event or subject gives impetus to broader philosophical introspection and confessions.

We have made our choice and we hope that the album will find its reader. Having financed this edition INTO Ltd is not only pursuing its own ends or commercial interests. It is our contribution to Russian art. But it is not charity. The art we have always had and will have. The only thing that, indeed, should be restored is Russia’s good tradition of patronage of art. These traditions of Maecenas unlike contemporary sponsorship were always guided by thoughtfulness, not zeal, by skill, not quantity.

We would like to wish success to Igor Kamenev in his creative work, to this album and all of us.

Dr. M. Mushailov, President of INTO Ltd.   1993