Quiz «Pskov and Hansa. History and modernity»

Quiz «Pskov and Hansa. History and modernity»

[1] Ганзейское путешествие с библиотекой : информационно-методический сборник : 12+ / ГБУК «Псковская областная универсальная научная библиотека», ОСП «Псковская областная библиотека для детей и юношества им. В. А. Каверина» ; [сост.: Г. О. Матюхина ; гл. ред.: В. И. Павлова]. Псков : Псковская областная универсальная научная библиотека, 2017. С. 20-22. Библиогр.: с. 23.

«Great Hanseatic adventure»: Regional program

«Great Hanseatic adventure»

Regional program of activities to familiarize children and youth with the historical and cultural traditions of the Hanseatic countries

Hanseatic Union, Hansa-Union of German free cities in the XIII-XVII centuries in Northern Europe to protect trade and merchants from the power of feudal lords and piracy. Pskov has been a trading partner of the Hansa for a long time.

Program «All flags will visit us»

The experience of the Pskov libraries to develop and popularize the theme of the Hanseatic League (with examples of individual activities)

Program «All flags will visit us»

The urgency of the problem

The history of trade confederations goes back to the distant past. The largest of the urban unions of Medieval Europe was the Hanseatic League. Union of German and Livonian cities in the middle ages was the largest trading partner of Russia

The interest of this topic is due to the entry of our city of Porkhov in the Hanseatic League of modern times.